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Cupping Therapy Orlando

Cupping therapy is a part of Chinese Medicine, effective for treating pain, stress, and depression. Cupping is also very effective as detox treatment. Cupping is especially powerful when combined with massage or acupuncture.

Our cupping therapy includes:

  1. A full Chinese medical diagnosis with personalized lifestyle advice.
  2. A session of cupping therapy In Orlando.

Cupping therapy Orlando can be effectively used to stimulate the movement of blood, lymph fluids and the essential Qi energy in the body. Since many types of illness, stress, and pain are caused by blockages or stagnation in the circulation of these fluids and Qi, cupping therapy often becomes an essential part of the treatment programme. For example, cupping therapy Orlando is used to treat all kinds of muscle pain, stress, and to help clear congestion after a cold or flu.

How Cupping Therapy work?

Chinese medicine believes that illness, stress, and pain can be caused by a blockage or stagnation of blood, lymph fluids and vital energy (known as Qi). So for example, back pain may be caused by bad posture which means that your Qi energy and fluids can’t flow properly through that area and begin to stagnate. Cupping is used to stimulate the movement of these fluids and Qi, to get your body back on track.

Cupping has been practiced for thousands of years and is being practiced around the world since its origins 5,000 years go in China. Usually, it is combined with Chinese Tuina massage and acupuncture as part of Chinese medicine. The cupping therapy consists of creating a vacuum in several glass cups and applying them to the skin. This causes a suction sensation which stimulates energy and blood flow and can draw out toxins and activate the lymphatic system. Cupping is used for the relief of pain, stress, detox and weight control.

Cupping therapy involves placing cups on the relevant part of the body with the aim to create a vacuum inside each cup. The vacuum causes a suction sensation which stimulates the flows of Qi and body fluids. The improved flows can drive toxins out of the body and unblock stagnation, hence immediate relief of pain and stress.

What to expect

A fully qualified & registered doctor will carry out a full Chinese Medical diagnosis and will talk to you to learn about your symptoms and conditions. Dr. Alexander Hou will explain to you how cupping therapy will work to alleviate your symptoms and improve your overall health. If you are aiming to detox then the doctor will explain how the cupping therapy will help you to achieve that.

Once Dr. Alexander Hou has finished diagnosing you, he will tell you about your particular Chinese Medical syndrome. The syndromes like Liver Qi Stagnation or Kidney Yin Deficiency. He will accurately explain why you have the symptoms and therefore how cupping therapy will be used to help you.

Dr. Alexander Hou will then suggest a cupping therapy plan to return you to good health. Based on the diagnosis, Dr. Alexander Hou might also advise on how acupuncture or Tuina massage (Chinese medicinal massage) can help you to reach optimal health.

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After the Cupping Therapy

After the treatment you should feel an improvement in your overall health in addition to a relief in any physical pain you might have had prior to your cupping treatment. Your body should feel lighter and your mind clearer. You should be very careful to keep the area warm and avoid cold water touching the cupping marks for a few days after the treatment because your body can be vulnerable to cold after cupping.

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