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Acupuncture For Endometriosis In Orlando

Endometriosis is a common condition where tissue that behaves like the lining of the womb (endometrium) is found in other parts of the body. It is an increasingly seen condition in the west and is typically diagnosed by laparoscopy or inferred from a symptom pattern by a gynecologist.

It can appear in many different places, including the ovaries, fallopian tubes, inside the tummy, and in or around the bladder or bowel.

Symptoms of endometriosis

The symptoms of endometriosis can vary. Some women are badly affected, while others might not have any noticeable symptoms.

Symptoms can include:

  • period pain that it isn’t relieved with painkillers
  • heavy periods – for example, you may need to use lots of tampons or pads (or use them together), or the blood might soak through your clothes
  • pelvic pain – this may just occur around the time of your period or you may have it all the time
  • pain during and after sex

Endometriosis is one of the main causes of infertility although the reason for this is uncertain.

Chinese medicine views endometriosis largely as the stagnation of blood in the uterus. The blood and endometrium which should be shed cleanly with each period are not done so properly. This leads to the congealing and clotting of the blood in the uterus. As the natural flow is further hindered by this clotting, the endometrial tissue finds its way into areas it shouldn’t cause the problem.

Endometriosis can take many forms but is often characterized by painful periods with dark menstrual blood and clotting. There may be palpable nodules or masses in the abdomen. Sometimes there are no bothersome symptoms such as pain but a key diagnostic can often be spotting before periods. It can also be indicated by certain patterns in the change of Basal Body Temperature.

At our clinic, we have many patients referred to us from their GP or gynecologist as we look to support patients with their endometriosis. As an integrated clinic, for patients with suspected endometriosis, we will often look to refer to gynecological specialists.

The Benefits of Acupuncture

Many medical treatments just treat your symptoms.  Acupuncture treats the root cause of your complaint.  This not only improves your complaint but also helps with other symptoms – you may find that you are sleeping better, niggling back pain has gone and you have a general sense of wellbeing.

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