How can Dr. Alexander Hou help you?

Our goal is to help our patients regain their health by using acupuncture, other alternative medical procedures, and modern techniques. We help our patients develop their own personal awareness of health. This may involve a lifestyle change, a positive attitude, proper diet, daily exercise, stress reduction, and so on, along with a strong desire to get well. We help our patients re-establish a state of balance with life and once again live happily and healthfully.

How to dress for acupuncture?

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing such as shorts and tee shirt. We can also provide a hospital-style gown to change into when needed.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Most people do not find acupuncture painful. The needles are very small, about the width of a cat whisker. The insertion of the needle sometimes feels like nothing at all, other times it may feel like a small tap or a pinch. Common sensations that people feel while the needle is in include slight tingling, numbness, pressure, or aching around the needle. These sensations are normal and often considered beneficial to the treatment. We will ask you to let us know if any of the needles are uncomfortable. If they are we will adjust them to your comfort level.

How many treatments will I need?

Acupuncture is a process. It is very rare for any acupuncturist to be able to resolve a problem with one treatment. The number of treatments you will need can depend on many factors. On your first visit, your acupuncturist will suggest a course of treatment. This can range from “we’d like to see you once a week for the next six weeks” to “we’d like to see you every day for the next three days”. This suggestion is based on our experience in treating different conditions. Generally, most people notice an improvement within 4-6 visits and a typical course of treatment for an uncomplicated problem is 6-12 visits. However, if you don’t come in often enough or long enough, acupuncture probably won’t work for you. The purpose of our sliding scale is to help you make that commitment.

Is acupuncture safe?

Yes. Acupuncture is considered very safe. In fact, the National Institutes of Health reports that one of the benefits of acupuncture is its low incidence of adverse side effects.

Will my insurance cover treatment?

Acupuncture treatment is covered by many health insurance policies. Call your carrier to determine your coverage or we can call for you. Bring your insurance card and ID for verification of benefits.

Is acupuncture compatible with other types of healthcare?

Yes. Acupuncture will not interfere with other treatments you are currently receiving. Acupuncture can often be used as a compliment to other therapies. For example, we often treat people for the side effects of chemotherapy.

What can I expect on my first visit?

For your first visit, we ask that you come in 20-30 minutes before your scheduled time in order to read and sign some necessary forms and to fill out a health history questionnaire. You will then meet with the acupuncturist who will give you a brief orientation to the clinic, discuss your primary concerns and goals for treatment with you, and give you an estimate of what kind of progress you can expect from acupuncture, and how long it may take. He will then feel your pulse, most likely look at your tongue, and gather any other information he may need in order to give you the best treatment. Your acupuncturist will then insert the needles (most people get between 6-12 needles at each visit, but that can vary depending on the person and the condition). Once the needles are in and we make sure you’re comfortable, your job is just to relax and enjoy the space.

On all follow-up visits, you just come in, make yourself comfortable in a recliner, and after a brief discussion with your acupuncturist, get right to the treatment. Our goal is to make the process as easy and as efficient as possible. We know that your time is valuable.