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Acupuncture For Eczema In OrlandoAcupuncture For Eczema In Orlando

Eczema is a common, chronic, skin disorder. Atopic eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is the most common form. Symptoms include itchy, dry and red skin. It commonly occurs:

  • behind the knees
  • the inside of the elbows
  • on the side of the neck
  • around the eyes and ears

Eczema has a significant impact on the lives of those who suffer severely. It is usual to have periods when symptoms are mild, followed by flare-ups. When severe it can become: extremely itchy, red, hot, scaly, wet, weeping and swollen.

Triggers for eczema include:

  • Allergens such as dust, pet fur, pollen.
  • Foods such as eggs, nuts, soy and wheat.
  • Factors such as stress, sweating, soaps, and cold weather.

Who is at Risk?

Up to two in 10 children and one in 10 adults in the USA have atopic eczema. Childhood eczema usually clears by the mid-teenage years. The cause is not known. Western medicine has no cure but can help control the symptoms. For severe sufferers and those unresponsive to emollients or steroid creams, some of the medications used have side effects.

How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Views Eczema

Although the symptoms manifest on the skin, TCM believes eczema always reflects an internal problem. The severity of the symptoms depends on the type of imbalance causing the condition.

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Treats Eczema

TCM has a long track record of safely and successfully treating the internal problems causing eczema, causing it to go into remission. Diagnosis is based on detailed observation of your symptoms. This allows your Practitioner to identify the imbalance which is the root cause of your condition.

Treatment consists of acupuncture and herbal medicine. It works by:

  • Strengthening the immune system to decrease sensitivity to external hazards
  • Balancing the internal organ systems and correcting imbalances
  • Releasing toxins from the skin to eliminate the itchy, red rash
  • Nourishing and repairing damaged skin

How fast will you see results?

Results depend on the severity of the condition. The longer you have suffered from eczema the longer the period of treatment. Most patients notice visual changes within 1 – 4 weeks. Severe cases can take several months to clear. Persistence with treatment is key to success.

The Benefits of Acupuncture

Many medical treatments just treat your symptoms.  Acupuncture treats the root cause of your complaint.  This not only improves your complaint but also helps with other symptoms – you may find that you are sleeping better, niggling back pain has gone and you have a general sense of wellbeing. Get the best Acupuncture For Eczema In Orlando.

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