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Chinese medicine is a coherent and independent system of thought and practice that has been developed over two thousand years. It has not only been making a great contribution to the flourishing and prosperity of the Chinese nation but also represents an important chapter to the annuals of oriental civilization. Best Acupuncture Orlando provide Traditional Chinese Medicine In Orlando Fl.

Throughout its history, it has continually developed in response to the modern clinical research. Because of its unique theories and clinical effectiveness, Chinese medicine has grown rapidly in popularity in the West. Nowadays, it still forms a major part of the health care system in China and is available in state hospitals alongside western medicine.

They are two basic components of Chinese medicine – Acupuncture (usually performed with needles) and Chinese herbal therapy. Chinese medicine is based on the theory of Yin and Yang balance. It considers that the disease is caused as a result of Yin and Yang imbalance within the body. Chinese herbal therapy is to re-balancing the Ying and Yang when the disease occurring. The aim of acupuncture is to regulate the meridians or channels of the body and unblock the stagnation of Qi (energy), to achieve the body energy balance.

Chinese medicine also considers that the channels are associated with the internal organs, which is out of balance is another important factor in the pathogenesis of a disease. Chinese medicine is therefore to treat the whole body rather than just the symptoms. Because of this, it may take some time to generate the benefits.

How it works

An experienced registered Chinese herbalist will use the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine to assess the symptoms of a condition and to find the unique underlying patterns of imbalance that exist in each individual case. Chinese medicine views the body using principles such as Yin, Yang, Qi and Blood, excess and deficiency, Heat and Cold, Damp and Dryness, Internal and External pathogenic factors. Within this framework, this means that several people with the same illness as diagnosed by Western medicine could each have a different diagnosis according to TCM. As such, each person may need a different individualized treatment and herb combination to treat their condition most effectively. Chinese herbal formulas are carefully constructed and individualized at each appointment to enhance and balance the effects of their active ingredients in order to maximize the therapeutic actions for each individual’s condition. The herbal formulation will usually be adjusted as the condition improves.

What to expect at your first appointment

Your TCM practitioner will thoroughly assess your condition and make a diagnosis according to TCM principles. Your medical history, family medical history, lifestyle, diet and any medications or supplements you are taking are all taken into account.

Your practitioner will examine your tongue and take a series of pulses. They will then make a diagnosis, prescribe and prepare a combination of herbs to treat your condition. Mostly these are available as concentrated granules, but may also be provided as pills, or you may be given a prescription for raw herbs that will need to be prepared by cooking at home. The granule herbs can be dissolved in water or put into capsules and swallowed. You may also be given dietary and/or lifestyle advice.

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How long does it take to treat a condition?

The amount of treatment you need will depend on your condition and the length of time for which you have had it. Your TCM practitioner will be able to give you an idea how long you will need to take the herbs after a few consultations, once they have seen how your body is responding. As your condition improves, your herbal formula will be adjusted to reflect your progress and continue to help your body heal.

Generally, acute conditions are resolved faster than chronic conditions. In some cases acupuncture may be combined with Chinese herbal medicine for better or faster results.

TCM treats both the symptoms of your illness and the underlying imbalances causing it. Best results are obtained when treatment is continued until the underlying pattern of imbalance is resolved. If you’re looking for Traditional Chinese Medicine In Orlando, call us to get more information.

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